Executive Leadership

Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Team has a key focus on managing, guiding and influencing individuals in educational environments. Executive leadership involves being strategic, in relation to the performance of the school or trust, as well as the support and development side of the business.

It is the role of an executive leader to successfully implement effective and successful teaching, curriculum, assessment, culture and values. Executive leaders are driven to empower and inspire others in the business and ensure alignment.

The Executive Leadership roles we cover:

● Chief Executive Officer
● Chief Operating Officer
● Chief Financial Officer
● Director of Primary Education
Director of School Improvement
Director of People
Director of Safeguarding

● Director of Finance
● Director of HR
● Director of Estates
● Director of Secondary Education
Director of SEND
Chair of Trustees
Chair of Board



Primary, Secondary & SEND Schools
Multi Academy Trusts
Faith Dioceses
Teaching School Hubs
Independent Education Providers
Sixth Form Colleges
Further Education Colleges

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