Learning & Development


Educate & Innovate with M/LK Search

We don’t just work with you to recruit the best leaders and operations talent, we help you achieve your wider goals. As a school or trust, you are constantly looking to innovate… that’s why we offer learning & development tools for your people to encourage: diversity, equity and inclusion, value-add education, and support where necessary.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Helping our clients and partners make the right hiring decisions. Free from conscious and unconscious bias, encouraging diverse & value-add hiring, and ensuring inclusivity is front of mind at all times.  

We are passionate about helping you build inspiring teams that bring both cognitive and demographic diversity. Work with us and stand out against the crowd.  

DE&I Training & Workshops

Empower your teachers and leadership teams to build and sustain an inclusive school culture. Your culture is powered by your values. Don’t you want to create an environment that exudes a sense of belonging and inclusive mindsets?

We can build and develop blended DE&I learning journeys that equip people to incorporate inclusion into their everyday work & teaching. 

School Speakers

In collaboration with Milk Education

Meet the Milkfluencers – a team of School Speakers, powered by positive influence and positive change. Our Speakers fight stigmas and drive wellness, diversity and safety awareness into schools and local communities.

On a mission to make a difference, and make stigma education affordable for school budgets.

Senior Leadership CPD
Training Support

As leaders in the education sector, your time is incredibly valuable, and it can be difficult to find the time to focus on you! We have made it quick, simple and easy to continue to upskill with our professional development sessions. 

Access to Career Enhancing eBooks at M/LK Search

We have created a collection of eBooks that coach you through your career… Want to know how to best present yourself in the interview process? Looking to step up to a leadership role? Need help with personal representation and brand? M/LK Search can help.